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Your Are Not Alone

Having debt is very common today for American families. I know how you feel as my family too was once in debt. But you do not have to live this way anymore and you can reclaim your finacial future with a coach who has the heart of a teacher.

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What Does Life Look Like After Starting?

Life on the road to eliminating debt is fantastic! The peace of mind you feel knowing that you are closer to financial stability is a life-changing journey each day. You will ask yourself, “why did I not start sooner”?

Great! But What Typically Happens?

While I can be your guide on your journey, you are the true hero of your own story. The pace you choose and your dedication will dictate your results. Here are some results families typically see within 90 days. As our family went through these steps we noticed how our lives had improved dramatically. 


Couples that work together stay together. Being on the same page with money often builds better relationships


Most families pay off over $5000 within the first few months of starting a budget and sticking to a plan.


Having an emergency fund is your insurance to keep you on track. $1000-3000 is common for families to build after starting.


While this is not a tangible result, it is easy to see when someone is enjoying life more. And when a family is on the same page, they often are happier.

The 7 Baby Steps – A Proven Path To Winning 

The Ramsey 7 Baby Steps are the building blocks for a roadmap to winning with money. 


Put $1000 in a beginner emergency fund.


Save for your children’s college.


Pay off all debt using the debt snowball.


Pay off your home early.


Put 3-6 months of expenses into savings as a full emergency fund.


Build wealth and give.


Invest 15% of your household income into ROTH IRAs and tax-favored retirement plans.

Client Testimonials

What do the results of working together look like? How would you like your life to change as a result of us working together?

I have enjoyed working with Live Debt Free Coach. Simple steps that make sense. You will not do anything that he has not done himself. 


Arizona, USA

For the first time in my life, I’m truly at peace with my money. I was married at 18 and for 38 years, my husband controlled the finances. We were self-employed for most of that time and it made sense. It just didn’t prepare me for his sudden death and the amount of debt and uncertainty I faced. I’m truly blessed to have been given the opportunity and tools to finally understand exactly where I stand and what I need to do to prepare for my future.


Florida, USA

My husband and I took FPU in 2016. However, we never reached our goals and never got traction to move forward. Jeff was able to work with us through Zoom and get us on the same page as a couple. Once we shared our thoughts and goals the budgeting became much easier. We paid off our debt much faster than we imagined. Now we are on BS4 and should pay be BS7 in Nov 2024. Thank you Jeff! 


San Jose, California

Where do people typical start to pay of debt ?

If you are in debt you may be wondering how is it possible to get out. Many families pause or stop paying for services that provide little to no immediate value until they reach their financial goals. 

Monthly Cable Service $150/mo

Did you know the average family spends over $150/month for cable TV service? Many familes pause or cancel cable TV while they work their way out of debt.

Dining Out $271/mo

The average family in Florida spends $271/month on eating away from home. While we all must eat while away from home, this is another great spending habit to pause while working your way through debt.

Memberships and Subscriptions $100/mo

Often we pay for memberships or subscriptions we never use. Gyms can cost $50/month and unused subs such as Netflix, Hulu and others can total $100/month.

Who is The Live Debt Free Coach?

Like most Americans, I lived with the belief that debt was ordinary and necessary. When I turned 18, I got credit cards and maxed them out. I bought cars above my means, had my electricity turned off, and even my vehicle repossessed. I was normal with a splash of irresponsible.

Now my family and I live below our means, save money and pay cash for everything. We are on track for all our goals in life, and we have financial peace. We did not have a coach to help us, and we worked the seven baby steps together. I guide others to help them work through the process much faster than they thought possible to help minimize similar mistakes I made. There are no shortcuts on this path to financial peace, but a coach can help you set goals, be held accountable, and help find areas of your finances that cost your time and money. You do not have to start at square one, I will be the guide in your journey, and you will be the hero of your own story. You can do this! 

Jeff Secrease
Certified Financial Master Coach (Training by Ramsey Solutions)
Reformed Debtor to Banks
Paid Off Over $100,000 in Debt
Financial Peace University Graduation 2010
Financial Peace University Coordinator 2021
Utilizes the 7 Baby Steps Process to Build Wealth

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