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Month: April 2022

Is Financial Peace University Right For You?

What is Financial Peace University (FPU)? If you are reading this article, you have likely heard of Dave Ramsey and FPU. This is a multi-week course that last an hour each week for approximately 8 weeks. The course is designed to help walk you through the 7 Baby Steps with a coordinator who has had…
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How You Are Being Fooled With Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance Whole life insurance has been around a long time and provided those who purchased it with life insurance coverage. But the hidden aspect of whole life is that the purchaser is also paying not only for life insurance, but also into a savings/investment account. The idea of whole life sounds great at…
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Paying Off Your Mortgage Early Is Smart And You Can Save Big

Typical Mortgage Amounts and Baby Step 6 According to Zillow.com, the average 15 year mortgage is $1159 and 30 year mortage is $1747. There is nothing wrong with having a mortage as most people do not have $200,000+ to purchase a home out right. But what comes with keeping the mortgage during the length of…
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Right Sizing Your Insurance Can Save You Money

Auto Insurance Most Americans never change their auto insurance until they replace their vehicle. Shopping around is a great idea to ensure you are getting the best price. But you always want to ensure that you use a reputable company that will be there when something happens. But did you know that as you work…
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