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Who is The Live Debt Free Coach?

Like most Americans, I lived with the belief that debt was ordinary and necessary. When I turned 18, I got credit cards and maxed them out. I bought cars above my means, had my electricity turned off, and even my vehicle repossessed. I was normal with a splash of irresponsible.

Now as a husband and father of two, my family and I live below our means, save money and pay cash for everything. We are on track for all our goals in life, and we have financial peace. We did not have a coach to help us, and we worked the seven baby steps together. I guide others to help them work through the process much faster than they thought possible to help minimize similar mistakes I made. There are no shortcuts on this path to financial peace, but a coach can help you set goals, be held accountable, and help find areas of your finances that cost your time and money. You do not have to start at square one, I will be the guide in your journey, and you will be the hero of your own story. You can do this!

Jeff Secrease
Certified Financial Master Coach (Training by Ramsey Solutions)
Reformed Debtor to Banks
Paid Off Over $100,000 in Debt
Financial Peace University Graduation 2010
Financial Peace University Coordinator 2021
Utilizes the 7 Baby Steps Process to Build Wealth

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What is a financial coach?

A financial coach’s job is to work with you to create a plan to win with your money. While a CPA would help you file your taxes, a financial consultant would help you with investing, a coach would help you with your form better money habits and build a plan to achieve your goals.

This may mean dreaming for the first time and creating your “why” that is big enough to help create new habits. Others who already have the why in their lives may need guidance on cutting costs and increasing their ability to pay off debt. To find areas of your budget that can accelerate their growth plan. 

The bottom line is that I am there to help you achieve your goals as a coach and your are not alone. The Ramsey 7 Baby Steps are a tried-and-true method to help everyday people crush debt and build wealth. My family paid off over $100,000 in debt and now live a very different life of gratefulness and happiness through mastering the baby steps. Are you ready for a change?

Leading others and the Entreleadership experience

In 2018 I attended Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership Master Series in Tennessee for the first time. This was a 4-5 day event for business owners and leaders designed to give attendees the Ramsey playbook for running a successful business. I highly recommend Entreleadership for those in an owner or leadership role to improve their ability to lead their team. I also followed up in 2021 with the online Entreleadeship Master series which was also great but nothing beats being there in person..  

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My Mission As A Financial Coach

I am passionate about helping others with their money because I know what it is like to feel scared and lack the skills needed to be successful with money. No one should feel nervous about handling money or feel their dreams are too unrealistic. The feeling that your goals are not likely to come true due to a poor understanding of managing money is not something you have to continue to live with.

Your dreams of the future do matter, and they are worthy of your best effort. You should have every advantage in life to build a financial future that positively serves you, your family, and your community.

My mission is to walk with others who are ready to make a change in their lives. Those who want to create new positive habits that lead to a future of wonderful opportunities for themselves and others and obtain the financial peace we all deserve.

Ready To Change Your Life?

You’re the hero of your own story. I can be your guide to success.

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Previous Experience and Coaching

My background is primarily in business, and I have been fortunate to travel and coach in over eight countries and twenty States. I have helped train and coach individuals that work on properties such as Disneyland, Disneyland Hong Kong, Disney World, Universal Hollywood, Universal Orlando, Sandals Reports, Ski Dubai, Sentosa Island, and Jumeriah Properties International. I enjoy helping others grow personally and professionally, and I have had the privilege of working with thousands of individuals. 

In 2008 I started my business which still exists today, to serve families by photographing their newborn’s first photos. We have contacts with hospitals to be the sole provider of these services to thousands of families each year. 

Disneyland Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China

Sentosa Island


Walt Disney World

Orlando, FL

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New York City, NY

Jumeirah Beach Resort

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