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Is Financial Peace University Right For You?

What is Financial Peace University (FPU)?

If you are reading this article, you have likely heard of Dave Ramsey and FPU. This is a multi-week course that last an hour each week for approximately 8 weeks. The course is designed to help walk you through the 7 Baby Steps with a coordinator who has had training from the Ramsey organization and who is able answer some question you may have. Research has shown that when taking on a task such as eliminating debt and building wealth that doing so in a group can be beneficial for most people. There is an option to attend in person, normally at a local church and virtually through means such as Zoom.

By the end of the course, you will likely be filled with inspiration and renewed attitude towards your money. At minimum you will understand the basic principles to follow that will help ensure you can become debt free and grow wealth. Now this does take hard work and effort and like Dave says, “anyone can wonder their way into debt, but they can’t wonder their way out”. There is no shortcut or secret code that makes this happen by attending. But you will have all the tools you need to move forward in your journey.

My Personal Experience Attending FPU

Back in 2010 my wife happens to see Dave Ramsey on Fox News and he was talking about all the dumb things people do with money. My wife’s ear must have perked up as she listened and started reading more. She found more information that he had a course we could take, FPY and we attended an in-person course at a local church. I was NOT happy about attending and thought we were going fine on our own. The truth of the matter is that we lived paycheck to paycheck and credit cards filled in gaps when they appeared. We had no real vision for our future and therefore there was no plan we could believe in. While my wife had a better vision at the time than I did, and I was not interested in attending I did the right thing and supported my wife and got involved with her. What I found was that I was not the dumbest person in the room. We were all making mistakes and wanting to change our situation. How refreshing! I thought I would end up feel worse, but I found out that I was lacking the tools to do a better job than I was before. By the end of the course, we felt we could get out of debt and build a future we wanted together. And in about 2 years we were debt free except for our mortgage.

In Person FPU

Today you can still go online and find a local group near you and join. This link here will take you to the Ramsey website where you can choose in person or virtual (I explain more in the next paragraph). When you enter your address, you can see courses local to you. See screenshot below.

Sample Photo of FPU Courses To Choose From

When you find a location, day and time that works best for you simply sign up and a coordinator will reach out to you and answer any questions you may have. This was a great solution for us to meet in person, but we did find it a little difficult budget our time that way. This is great for individuals and couples who want in person support and communication with others in similar situations.\

Virtual FPU

Now you have the option to attend FPU from the comfort of home via a computer. There are some major upsides in doing virtual and first is that there are more days and times available than in person. Not only is there far more options for when you can attended this may be great if you have kids or other obligations that prevent you from leaving the house. Being able to start at a time and be done in an hour makes life much easier than finding time to drive both ways and find a caretaker. Being older now and with kids we would have chosen this method eagerly vs in person. But your situation is unique and you should choose what is best for you.

Virtual FPU Class Sample


The goal of Financial Peace University is to inspire and arm you with the tools you need to grow from where you are to where you want to be. I have found that this get wealth slow routine does not make me popular with others at a party, but it works every time. For me I would rather have a solid change at living comfortably at retirement than put money just into single stocks and risky investments and hope it all will work out. Being able to take the course in person or virtually really leave little reason not to take this course other than not being able to afford it. Well if you click here I will gift you a 30 day trial of Ramsey+ which includes FPU, Every Dollar App for budgeting and many more videos and tools to help.

If you still need help please reach out to me and I would love to have a conversation about your goals, obstacles and what you want your world to look like moving forward. Use the link below and I will gift you a 60 minute clarity call to see how I can help you.

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