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Personal Growth

Understanding Yourself and the World

You might be asking, “why is personal growth on a financial coaching website”? How we handle money can be rooted in our personal experiences back to our youth. Also, how we see the world can significantly impact how we see and use money. Here are a few good reads to help you see the world and yourself differently than you may now.

The Alchemist

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John Deloney’s Own Your Past Change Your Future

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Can’t Hurt Me

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Being able to understand ourselves and how we see our world is important for our personal growth.  Many times, we think we have a “problem” with money and that life will always be this way. We plan to just out earn our behavior, and everything will be fine. But the truth is that we likely have something else in our life we have brought with us through childhood or observed elsewhere that makes us feel that how we manage money is “right”, even though we may be near broke or unable to build wealth. Gaining clarity to see the world differently that we do now can help us all make the changes we know we should take but rarely do. 

Life Is Never A Straight Line

Our society can make it seem as if mistakes happen to the stupid or uneducated. The truth is that we often learn best through our mistakes. But if we all mistakes, why does it seem others rebound quickly and others keep failing? Taking the time to reflect on our mistakes helps us from making them again.  Your best laid plans will likely fail but understanding that from the beginning is key to your success. A plan should be written in pencil and not stone as life will constantly challenge you. When you experience a setback from a mistake or something totally out of your hands take time to reflect. Through reflection and refining our thoughts we can stay on a path, any path that gets us to our goals. 

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